Dear participants and visitors!

At the moment, the acceptance of applications is over and voting for the People’s Choice Award is now taking place.

The prize will be assigned based on the number of positive comments under the works.

To leave a comment, select the work you like in the general list. Click on its title, and in the opened separate window write the comment below under the work in the window allocated for this.


The idea of conducting a contest of this type has opened up possibilities for many creatively gifted children and adolescents of our second generation (as well as groups of individual artists and authors).


Vocal (solo)

Vocal (solo) All genre: Pop Vocal; Holy song; Jazz vocals; ...

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Choral and ensemble singing

Choral and ensemble singing (vocal ensemble (up to 11 people...

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Dance (solo, ensemble) All genres балет; народный танец; на...

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Fine arts

Fine arts Painting Contestants can submit for the contest n...

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Author literary works

Author literary works Poem Prose Piece Scenario Contestants...

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Instrumental musical performance

Instrumental musical performance Classic instruments (piano...

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Sports show

Sports show (solo, group) All genres: Rubber; Acrobatics; I...

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Theatrical creativity

Theatrical creativity (limit 10 min) Thumbnails (midgets), ...

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Acceptance of applications

Presentation of competitive performances and works: until December 5, 2017 inclusive.