Application for participation

Terms that required for an application :

  1. Name and surname of the contestant or the name of the collective, ensemble, group
  2. E-mail
  3. Address: Full name, apartment, street, house, postal code, city, country (this is necessary for sending diplomas)
  4. Choose a genre suitable for your competitive program (for example, in the category Dance — the genre of Flamenco)
  5. Link to a video with your appearance on YouTube or similar video hosting (if needed)
  6. Attach a file (only a photo or a text document, if necessary)

Because all this information will be in YOUR DIPLOMA OF THE COMPETITION.

After registration on the website pay the fee (you will be sent a letter with information about the payment methods) and wait for the voting results of the jury.

The timing of the contest stages:

Entering competitive art works (accepting applications): up to December 2, 2018 inclusive

Assessment of the jury: December 3-9, 2018

Announcement of the results: December 13, 2018

Festival: December 16, 2018 in Moscow

Acceptance of applications and organizational contributions will continue up to December 2, 2018 inclusive! Be careful and try to send all your materials before then.

For all questions, contact the curator of your art form (see the list at the end of the Regulations). You can also ask for help by e-mail at the address of the Organizing Committee:

Curators for each art form

  1. Choral and ensemble singing – Shurshilina Lilia
  2. Dance – Galiullina Olga
  3. Solo vocal – Zhuchkova Marina
  4. Vocal duets and trios – Zhuchkova Marina
  5. Instrumental musical performance – Salmanova Oksana
  6. Fine arts – Naumova Nataliya
  7. Theatrical creativity – Antonova Natalya
  8. Author literary works – Kosareva Nina

If you have any questions while preparing your program for the Contest, you can always ask the curator for help. Just write him (her) an email, and he (she) will definitely answer you.