Vocal (solo)


  • All genre: Pop Vocal; Holy song; Jazz vocals; Academic singing; Folk singing, including folklore and ethnography; New art song (performed by the author, by another person, ensemble, chorus, accompanied by an orchestra or a musical instrument).
  • In the folk and academic vocals, soundtracks are allowed as an accompaniment, without use of voice amplification.
  • Attention! The entries (art work) that took part in the contest in 2016, 2017 are not accepted. The work of 2018 must be submitted for the competition.
  • Individual work in the team is not accepted. For example, if your child is a member of a group, the performance of this group cannot be claimed as his or her own entry.

The cost or fee rates

Soloist – one entry is 300 rub (4 EUR) per person, each next entry (not more than three entries (art work) in one category) is 200 rub (3 EUR) per person.
For example, 2 entries – 500 rub (7 EUR), 3 entries – 700 rub (10 EUR);

After the competition, your financial contributions will not be returned.

Evaluation criteria

  • Musicality, Artistry, Creativity
  • Intonation purity, beauty of timber, technique level and strength of voice
  • Spiritual culture and aesthetics of performance or content of the work
  • Emotional level of performance
  • Skill and technique

For all questions, contact your curator:
Vocal (solo) – Zhuchkova Marina marina@zhuchkovs.com