Семья — место где мы учимся любить, быть почтительными.Я нарисовала мою сестру, которая могла бы жить с нами, но она так и не родилась. Однако мы помним о ней и она живет в моем сердце.

Family is a place where we learn to love, to practice Hyo Jeong. I draw my sister who could live with us but she was never born. However, we remember her and she lives in my heart.

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2 комм. для «Анна Власова-"Сестра"»

  1. Аня, очень красиво, нежно! Молодец!!

  2. A fulfilled intent with an active imagination. According to the narrative, this piece of work represents an almost cathartic experience with a therapeutic encounter achieving a naive style which could be enhanced by a little more movement that can be developed through artistic technique training. The artist shows plenty of potential to keep up with the good work to produce portrait paintings.

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